Vanderlande Industries supplies two new sorting centres to Australia Post

Vanderlande Industries supplies two new sorting centres to Australia Post


Veghel, 25 November 2014: Australia Post upgrades its Melbourne and Sydney parcel facilities -more than doubling its parcel processing capacity at those facilities – as part of a $2 billion investment to transform its operations. This fully automated sorting solution was designed and installed for both locations by Vanderlande Industries.

Largest sorting terminal in the Southern Hemisphere

“Now that these systems are up and running, they are by far the largest and most efficient sorting terminals in the southern hemisphere,” says Roald de Groot, Vanderlande’s Area Manager AsiaPacific. “Both solutions consist of several crossbelt sorters, which sort directly: into containers; on to extendibles for loose loading trucks; or into chutes for those items that need to be handled delicately. Another part of the solution is a fully automated material handling system for the containers.”

Vanderlande’s crossbelt sorter is at the heart of the solution

The CROSSORTER provides a highly flexible solution to handle a wide range of products. From very small packages, such as 2mm-thick mailers and shrink-wrapped products, through to bulky items, including odd-shaped packages and totes. The high speed and lateral product orientation result in a high capacity. The sophisticated control mechanism balances the flows over the different inducts and outputs, minimising recirculation, further increasing the operational capacity.

“Vanderlande Industries has come up with a solution that has more than met our requirements,” says Gary Stubbs, Australia Post’s Future Parcels Network Program Director. “They showed great creativity in designing a fully automated solution. In addition, their partnership approach and collaborative attitude made this project a great success.”

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