trashurefeaturedTrashure is a young international creative agency, elevating brands through story telling and brand building. We design brand identities, produce photo and video content and create multi-platform campaigns.

Our content creation extends into productions ranging from high-end photo shoots to music videos. Plus, we have a supporting digital marketing branch specializing in web design, email-marketing and social media marketing. Our personal approach to creative collaborations makes us a diverse and ready-to-act marketing agency. Our strengths lay in aesthetics, in-depth strategic management, and our ability to build brands identities from core to content. Our goal is to become a hub for communication, execution, and inspiration for creative projects while actively involving the community in our activities.

By combining the possibilities that both Amsterdam and Sydney have to offer we create a unique mix in delivering our creative services. We work closely with designers, photographers, graphic artists, web designers ea. from both cities in order to provide an all-round input for any marketing related creative project. With a strong eye for visual content we find Sydney to be the perfect playground with its lively beach culture, vibrant city life, and urban influences. Amsterdam, one of the largest creative markets in the world, offers an extensive range of influences from photography, design, and IT-services. Trashure bridges the gap between all these specialties and by adding strategy to the mix we promise to be a versatile creative partner for companies on both sides of the globe.



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