SeptemberConnectIn collaboration with Augustus Connect, founded in September 2010 and very successful in the Netherlands, SeptemberConnect introduced the unique concept of knowledge sharing to Australia in September 2014.

In our daily working environment we are often time poor and far too connected to our computers and tablets instead of to our peers. Many professionals tell us they are lacking the opportunity for in-depth discussion, reflection and analysis with colleagues.

At SeptemberConnect we create that necessary space and opportunity for face-to-face discussion around the challenges and opportunities that each of us face in our daily professional lives.

SeptemberConnect is a practical and credible way of connecting, developing and learning, built on forging trust between peers. SeptemberConnect is a unique knowledge sharing platform allowing the personal development that leads to positive change.

We offer our members:
– time to explore ideas, reflect without fear and share experiences with peers and expertise partners.
– an opportunity to grow professionally and personally and move beyond one’s own limitations of thought.
– structure and support to empower each knowledge group to take control of their own problems and turn them into opportunities.

With SeptemberConnect, members join one of the professional groups. These are organised and facilitated around their specific field of profession or interest (e.g. General Management, HRM, Finance, Procurement, IT, Start-Ups etcetera). The members of a group meet periodically in interactive facilitated round table sessions.

Each knowledge group has 25 to 30 members and meet five times annually to work on specific topics. The members decide which topics will be on the agenda and from time to time play a role in the preparation. Our expertise partners from leading universities and respected consulting companies complement the knowledge by sharing the latest insights and developments. The role of host rotates among the members, making the setting of each gathering diverse and inspiring. Moderators facilitate the sessions, ensuring good sharing of information and enabling all members to focus on the content.



Telephone: +61 411 305 015

Postal address:
P.O. Box 676
The Gap Queensland 4061