Royal HaskoningDHV switches to electric vehicles

In the first week of September, Dutch paper ‘Het Financieele Daglad’ reported that big companies in the Netherlands are switching to electric cars. Royal HaskoningDHV, one of the largest Dutch consultancies, has announced its fleet of 500 leased cars will be 100 percent electric by 2021. In a press release the consultancy explains that because of this, their employees will contribute to a 13% reduction in the company’s CO2 emissions in the Netherlands through means of sustainable mobility.

Royal HaskoningDHV is not alone in this decision. Energy companies Eneco and Nuon are also switching to an all-electric fleet. Moreover, TV and internet company KPN announced to only have cars which operate on biogas, hydrogen or electricity from 2025 onwards. Even though sales of fully-electric cars are still severely behind those of conventional vehicles, Dutch companies seem to be taking big steps towards a sustainable future!

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Press release Royal HaskoningDHV.
Photo: Royal HaskoningDHV