Urban Finds

logo-WEB-250-170Urban Finds imports unique overseas products to sell to high-end boutiques in Australia. Urban Finds is the exclusive distributor of POM Amsterdam. POM Amsterdam (‘Piece of Mine’) scarves are designed in the heart of Amsterdam, inspired by this great city and its creative vibe. All the scarves are woven in France and designed and manufactured in The Netherlands. The scarves are very recognisable with their colourful fabrics combined with a outspoken fringe. POM Amsterdam is specialised in jacquard woven fabrics and double-sided digital silk printing.


Next to POM Amsterdam, Urban Finds is the exclusive fashion agent of the dutch jewellery brand 4EVER WITH EVERYONE. This jewellery brand from Amsterdam offers special, unique, personal and cheerful bracelets for your dearest friend, sweet mother, lovely daughter or just for yourself. It is designed with a lot of passion and attention to detail. All 4EVER WITH EVERYONE items are handmade and manufactured in small series to keep them unique.hha

Urban Finds
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