Strukton Rail Australia


Strukton Rail Australia is a member of Strukton Group, which is active in rail systems, civil infrastructure & technique and building markets. Strukton makes the difference by offering clients integrated solutions where the application of technological innovation and close collaboration with the client are key.

Within the Strukton Group, Strukton Rail is the technology provider for rail systems, with areas of expertise including rail infrastructure, rail vehicles and mobility systems. Core business is the construction, maintenance and renewal of railway infrastructure (track, signalling systems, power supply and catenary, data and telecommunication), rolling stock and passenger information systems. The mission is to provide attractive railway systems for both passenger and freight railway transport. “Find it before it breaks” is Strukton Rail’s slogan insisting on continuous efforts to optimise maintenance operations, monitor and inspect critical infrastructure and improve availability, maintainability, reliability and safety of railway infrastructure.

Strukton Rail is internationally active and is responsible for the efficient operation of rail systems in a number of deregulated European markets. Strukton Rail employs approximately 3,500 people (2,200 in the Netherlands). Strukton Rail maintains nearly 50% of the Dutch railway network and substantial parts of the Swedish networks. Strukton Rail is based in several European countries: the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Denmark and France. On product or project basis, Strukton Rail also operates in other countries including Australia, India and Saudi Arabia.

Over the years Strukton Rail has become more than just a traditional rail contractor. Based on its experience of railway maintenance, Strukton Rail started early on developing tools and techniques to support maintenance work. In this way Strukton Rail Australia intends to be directly and indirectly active as a system integrator and supplier of products and services supporting the maintenance of its rail infrastructure clients.


Contact details:
Dirk van Doesburg
Managing Director
Strukton Rail Australia Pty Ltd
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