swblogohhaWe see that it is necessary to highlight this innovative piece of Dutch designed and manufactured product to the Australian & New Zealand market, so that everybody can share in the fun in owning and riding a Sandwichbike. The act of riding a bike in Australia and New Zealand is growing at tremendous speed, which is fantastic to witness, and it’s our wish to broaden this popularity by giving the market a different kind of look to their ride, which they can’t find from any other bicycle manufacturer.

Making the ride a person takes look fashionable and enjoyable, as well as making the Sandwichbike economical to acquire plays a large part of our business model within our chosen market. Our bicycle range via the Dutch Sandwichbike portfolio, encompasses frame designs that can cater for people from the age of 10 years of age and beyond, right up to seniors.


Tim Knowles
M: 0415 425 461