Did you ever attend a multiple-day festival? Did you stay on the festival camp site? Maybe then you know the problem: Every year a lot of stuff is left behind on festival camp sites after a festival has finished. This includes bottles and glasses, but also tents. To be more specific: 1 out of 4 people leave their tent behind on the various camp sites worldwide! As you can imagine this causes a lot of waste: In the Netherlands alone, where KarTent is based, this counts up to 25.000 tents every year.

This is why we came up with the KarTent, a temporary festival tent made entirely out of cardboard. The cardboard allows for easy recycling of the tent; after the festival, the tent can go directly to the paper recycling industry so that they can re-use your tent to make toilet paper, schoolbooks, shoe boxes or other romantic things! Also, the tent is resistant to water. We use a high-quality cardboard in combination with a coating. The design of the tent ensures that water and humidity is no problem. And because the KarTent is made of cardboard, it can be easily printed. This mainly gives opportunities to festival organisations and sponsors to spread their message in a fun way.

As KarTent accommodates campers at events it needs to be summer and when it is very cold in the Netherlands the sun shines bright in Australia. Therefore we have chosen to expand our business to Australia this year. We shall produce the KarTent with Australian manufacturers with Dutch ingenuity!

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