Logo-WEB-250-170The BrainTrainerPlus™ is a revolutionary designed console and software unit for the Aged that has been shown to alleviate negative symptoms of dementia and boredom prevalent in Aged Care facilities.

The software consists of specific memory games and quizzes with content relevant to the clients’ geographical location, social and cultural origins, whilst the console utilizes its user-friendly touch screen to ensure focus on the games, rather than the physical and often daunting demands of using a regular computer.

Aged Care facilities who use the BrainTrainerPlus™ are unanimously enthusiastic about the fun that the game contributes to the atmosphere in the facility and the influence it has on the welfare of residents, staff and volunteers.

In 2008, as an act of love to combat his mother’s onslaught of dementia and diminishing quality of life, Hendrik Jan van Katwijk created the BrainTrainerPlus™ in The Netherlands, together with the Frankeland Group Schiedam.

Whilst visiting an Aged Care Facility in Tilburg in March 2012, Katja Jefferys (Lifestyle Officer at Abel Tasman Village Sydney) was introduced to the BrainTrainerPlus™ and could immediately see the amazing benefits of using it. Upon her return to Australia she contacted the owner, Hendrik Jan van Katwijk, who had already been thinking of introducing the product to Australia.

It was a long process to source the right computer in Australia. All the questions had not only to be translated into English but also relate to the Australian culture, which was done by Simone Ell the Director of BrainTrainerPlus (Australia) Pty Ltd.

BrainTrainerPlus™ was launched in Australia in 2013 at Abel Tasman Village, a Dutch Aged Care Facility in Chester Hills, Sydney.

It is now being used in Aged Care Facilities in Western Australia, NSW, Queensland, Victoria and Tasmania.


BrainTrainerPlus (Australia) Pty Ltd
P.O. Box 45
Panania NSW 2213

Simone Ell
Tel: 0497 856 296