Bayards has been successfully designing, engineering, manufacturing and installing safe, efficient and cost-effective heliport solutions for over three decades. With more than one hundred installed helipads for renowned hospitals such as the Queensland Children’s Hospital, the University Hospital of Geelong and the Royal London Hospital, it is safe to say Bayards is a helipad expert.


When it comes to landing and take-off in air medical services, location and operational efficiency are of paramount importance. Therefore, Bayards sits together with their clients to find the optimum location for the heliport and creates the perfect, customized helipad solution. Bayards can install their rooftop helipads on any building – whether it is a new or an existing building – without adding further structural reinforcements.

A rooftop helipad shall be considered similar to a small airport, which unlike normal airports is situated in a congested area on a building’s rooftop with hundreds of people inside. You can imagine that for such facilities numerous measures are to be taken care of. Bayards fulfills all additional aspects to ensure safe helicopter operations for all people in, on and around the building. Therefore, Bayards helipads come with all thinkable outfitting equipment, including but not limited to access systems and operational support equipment such as fire-fighting-, lighting- and winterisation systems.



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