LEKKERBoatsThe beginning of the ‘Lekker’ lifestyle brand started back in 2011 with Lekker Bikes. The Lekker lifestyle brand was launched in Australia with the introduction of these comfortable Dutch Lekker bicycles. Lekker has also brought a different type of sailing experience to Australia in which it has found a niche market. In 2015, Lekker introduced a different type of boat, with a strong Dutch heritage. The new concept that Lekker has introduced is that of ‘social boating’. The boats are suitable for any group of people. They are safe, easy to handle and most of all enjoyable for everyone who would like to spend a day on the water in style.

With the highest quality of handmade workmanship, our Dutch Lekker boat builders created a premium boat for your needs. Lekker Boats uses the newest techniques and only selects the finest materials. After successfully delivering hundreds of boats in the Netherlands and Europe, our boats are now available in Australia. Boats are for rent and sale.

Website: www.lekkerboats.com

Email: info@lekkerboats.com

Telephone: 1300 655 019

Postal Address:
PO Box 7699
Bondi Beach, 2026, NSW