Future of Retail Australia report

To help retailers gain a deep understanding of the Australian market, Adyen published a new report on Australia’s retail landscape. Adyen is a technology company that provides advanced payment solutions to more than 4,500 customers including Facebook, Uber, Airbnb, Netflix, KLM, Booking.com. For this new consumer research the company surveyed over 1,000 Aussie shoppers to uncover:

  • Where Aussies are shopping
  • The effects of the Amazon fever
  • The impact of retail tech
  • The real influencers of shoppers’ buying decisions
  • What shoppers want in the future

According to this study, one in three Aussies (32%) have abandoned an online purchase because the payment process took too long. Furthermore, delivery charges seem to be a major gripe, with 52% of Aussies saying they’ve abandoned an online purchase because these costs were too high. Read more on some of the report’s conclusions in Ayden’s article.

Download the full Future of Retail Australia report here.