Delicious Old Amsterdam cheese is coming to Australia

Cheese lovers in Australia have been waiting for a while, but finally the moment is here: Australia can also start enjoying the world-famous Old Amsterdam cheese from September this year! Westland recently announced when and where their delicious cheese will be available.

Old Amsterdam will be available at:

Aldi – September – 2 types of Wedges (Aged Gouda- & Aged Goat Cheese)

Costco – September – 1 type of wedge (Aged Gouda Cheese)

Harris Farm – September – 2 types of wedges (Aged Gouda- & Aged Goat Cheese)

Woolworths – November – 2 types of wedges (Aged Gouda- & Aged Goat Cheese)

“Old Amsterdam is the most-beloved, matured cheese in the Netherlands and very popular in a lot of European countries, but also in Canada, South Africa, the United Kingdom and the United States. We have high expectations for Old Amsterdam in Australia, based on the enthusiastic messages we’ve already received from local businesses and so-called ‘Dutchies’”, says Henny Westland, CEO of Westland Cheese, the parent company of Old Amsterdam.

As a family business, Westland has devoted itself to making world-class cheeses for over 80 years of which Old Amsterdam is only one example. Australia will be able to experience this part of Dutch cheese heritage for themselves and find out why the Dutch are so proud of this fantastic cheese. Westland is pleased to develop everything in partnership with Fresco Gourmet.