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Waste Treatment Technologies (WTT) is a renowned and experienced supplier of tailor-made wastetreatment solutions. Founded in 1996, we’ve been designing, constructing, building and maintaining facilities all over the world.

We understand that working together with local partners to source elements of the system, benefits the project and the environment. Due to the consistent growth of international clients we have chosen to move away from a single point of engineering and production. Therefore founding our Australian branch office, WTT Australia, was evident.

According to current growth patterns, Australia is set to reach a population of about 38 million by 2051. The effects waste has on our planet is increasingly more evident. As the complexity of waste streams evolve, the management of waste needs to adapt. “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” has never been more important.

Successfully combining the latest mechanical and biological techniques in turn-key projects gives us a unique position in the market. Our facilities vary from sorting stations for domestic and industrial waste to complete installations for recovering reusable materials in combination with biological processes.

We aim to deliver the smartest technologies for waste treatment in order to make our customers successful, by transforming waste into recyclables and high-quality raw materials or energy. We believe that our solution can make a substantial contribution to the conservation of the earth’s environment.

With offices in The Netherlands, Australia, Canada and China we are able to offer our clients a comprehensive range of services using leading technologies and products.

One-stop-shop is WTT’s expertise. We deliver turnkey installations including full odour abatement. 

Expansion to Victoria

WTT is proud to announce that after 2 successful projects in New South Wales in 2016 and 2017, we continue to build our Australian presence after receiving a purchase order from Sacyr Industrial S.A. for a new project in Melbourne, Victoria.

The project requires WTT to Engineer, Supply and Commission a 120,000 tonnes per year In-Vessel composting plant. The facility will be designed to process a mixture of Food and Garden Organics (Green + FoGo). Scope of works consist of; 12 composting tunnels, air and water treatment systems, Acid scrubbers and Biofilters. All controlled and monitored through WTT’s fully automated SCADA system, ensuring the composting system meets Australian Standards and EPA requirements. Each tunnel batch will be pasturized killing pathogens, seeds and weeds, before the material is transferred to the maturation area.

The facility will be built in Dandenong South, a dense commercial and residential area approx. 30km Southeast of Melbourne’s Central Business District. WTT’s process system is designed to keep the buildings under a slight negative pressure, using the building’s interior air for the composting process and a central odour abatement system to perform at the highest industry standards.

The project, scheduled to be up and running mid 2019, will be managed locally by our Australian subsidiary office – WTT Australia, which is based in Sydney and commenced operations in January 2018!



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