Veldhoen + Company

Veldhoen-LOGO-WEB-250-170As the pioneers of Activity Based Working in The Netherlands in 1996, Veldhoen+Company introduced ABW to Australia with the launch of One Shelley Street, Macquarie Bank in 2007. Creating an inspiring insight into a new world of work for the Australian market. And showcasing how the Dutch culture of self-empowerment, and freedom of choice, can help create a powerful platform for change.

Considering the dynamics of the talent market and the technologies that support business are shifting, a growing number of employees are able to (and expect to) work efficiently and effectively regardless of time or location. They make their own decisions about their work and make the necessary arrangements with their co-workers to achieve the outcomes they are accountable for. Activity Based Working has shifted from a fringe idea to something every organisation should consider as part of their work culture.

Activity Based Working leads to new insights that focus on the core of the organisation: it reminds them that motivation is about more than setting targets; connecting means more than interlocking individual choices and rules; and commitment involves more than attending the Friday afternoon get-together.

With over 250 projects worldwide and growing, Veldhoen+Company continue to tell an exciting story on how the world of work is changing. Continuing to share their experience of over 20 years to help organisations across Australia change with it.

For Australia New Zealand, our office and contact details are:
10 Bond Street, Sydney
+61 2 8064 7671