Out of Office for Bizzo

Out of Office for Bizzo Pty. Ltd is part of L.I.B. Business Games B.V. founded in the Netherlands 15 years ago. Business Games has strong global partners in Europe, the Middle East and Asia Pacific.

Over the years our business games are built on models that are unique, with a striking mix of team building, leadership training and learning in a fun way. Plus, they take place in a live and highly interactive environment.

Participants of our games are brought together in teams to collaborate and reach a pre-set goal. They must rely on each other to reach specific targets of the game plan, which is easier said than done. This is where building trust, out-of-the-box thinking, clear communication and a result-orientated attitude are essential. The ultimate winning outcome for you and your staff is the stickiness of our games. Game play results in an improvement ripple effect which continues in an everyday business context.

Gijs van der Linden, Founder of Business Games: “We know that you are serious in achieving your goals, and that’s why we are serious about business gaming”.

You can contact Out of Office for Bizzo via: info@outofofficeforbizzo.com.au or direct via:                                    Maarten Platenkamp at +61 459 305 005 in Sydney.

We’ve launched the ANZ office during late 2017 and will be kicking off with our first Business Games in Sydney and Auckland during the beginning of April 2018. Feel free to contact us if you’d like to get involved.