chessChesslife is the dream of founder and Head Coach David Koetsier. David is a Dutch professional chess coach and has been for more than 20 years. He leads a team of highly qualified and dedicated Chess Coaches to teach chess in Adelaide. Together they teach chess at schools, run chess tournaments, school holiday activities and have started local chess clubs.

Chesslife’s philosophy is founded on a commitment to excellence and a devotion to offering chess instruction of the highest quality utilising the Step-by-Step method. The Dutch Chess Step-by-Step method is praised as one of the most innovative chess instructional programs in the world. The Chess Step-by-Step method was developed in 1987 by Rob Brunia and Cor van Wijgerden in order to teach children to play chess. Embraced by the Royal Dutch Chess Federation this method became the single most popular method in The Netherlands. It spread throughout Europe and is now available worldwide. Teaching chess in Australia using this method allows for students, coaches and parents to follow progress and every student to work at their own pace.

With a focus on Fun, Learning and Celebrating accomplishments, Chesslife is a great place for juniors and adults to learn chess and improve tactics. Chess has no age restrictions or limitations. From very little, to very old – everyone can learn and play the game at their own pace. Chess is so much more than just a game. It helps develop creative, strategic, and forward thinking. It is also a great tool to increase mathematical skills and develop concentration.


David and Sabrina Koetsier
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