Bluemont will distribute the BoxBarrier in Australia

Bluemont will distribute the BoxBarrier in Australia

Click on the image for a brief deployment video.

Rain, overflowing rivers, and the North Sea represent serious flood threats. Amsterdam Airport is 3m below sea level, and Amsterdam is 1m below. Flood barriers have to be reliable, as the stakes are high, and have been for more than 1000 years.

The BoxBarrier is a temporary and portable flood barrier for flood water heights of up to 500mm.  They can be stacked for higher water heights. Indeed, any length is possible.

The yellow BoxBarrier is sturdy, easy to deploy, and will last many years. Once in location, it is filled with water or sand. The BoxBarrier was developed by Royal BAM Group / GMB in The Netherlands, and proves to be a major success. Simplicity, ease of storage, and ease of deployment with sand or water are the main drivers of its success.

Rental options for Australia are available. The BoxBarriers are also available as a standby facility, for short or long term rentals. They will be delivered on pallets or on ‘All-in-one’ flood barrier trailers with a pump.

The Box Barrier will be exhibited at the Floodplain Management Association Conference in Brisbane on May 19-22 in Brisbane, but demonstrations for Councils and companies have already started.

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