A personal story: making a claim with Achmea Australia

In March this year, tropical cyclone Debbie hit Australia’s east coast. Poultry farmer Susan Shay was pretty overwhelmed by the cyclone’s devastating force. Her farm was completely flooded. And the damage left, when the flood waters subsided, was severe. Luckily, Susan had an insurance with Achmea Australia….

Click here to see what action Achmea Australia took and how this ended for poultry farmer Susan Shay.

“Achmea Australia is a dedicated insurance company for the rural sector, committed to reducing your risks and premiums. Achmea was established over 200 years ago in the Netherlands, when 39 farmers put money into a glass jar, to be compensated in case one of them had a haystack fire. Those 39 farmers worked to support each other and minimise the risks and threats faced by each other’s farms, not just their own. Their commitment to a truly co-operative approach to insurance remains alive and well in Achmea today.’’ Visit their website to read more on Achmea Australia.